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January 1, 2019,

A bit late in putting up my 2018 reflections post but better late than never eh?
2018 has been the most significant, role shifting, exhausting, exhilarating, exuberant year so far. I spent the first half of it pregnant and the next half finding my footing as the mother of a tiny being so completely dependent on me.

2018 was a year of learning and unlearning. Getting to know what my body was capable of. Breaking myself up and offering all the pieces to someone else who just entered my life. Practicing the art of selfless, unconditional love towards someone who literally tore me to get out of me. 2018 was about finally understanding and really appreciating what parents everywhere do for their children, day in and day out.

2018 was about understanding how women's voice can be so powerful that it can shake the thrones of the most powerful of men. That our collective roar is capable of bringing dynasties crumbling down. That our rage is a weapon we can wield against those who trample on us.
2018 was the year when I truly began to appreciate myself and respect my body. When I stopped caring about how people see me and started focusing on how I see me.

In 2018 I focused on listening to the stories of those around me and amplifying their voices. I shared stories of heart breaks but also stories of resilience and hope. I connected with people through pixels. Connections based on empathy and trust.
In 2018 I found my tribe on line and in real life. I finally found home. I enter 2019 with no clear vision but a strong belief that things will fall into place no matter what. That I will be okay. We will be okay. It's all going to be okay.


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