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January 22, 2019,

This time in Uganda is different.
I am seeing things through Z's eyes.
Well, I watch her eyes. How they light up as she spots butterflies fluttering around. I watch her giggle as the wind blows on her face and she tries to catch it with her chubby wubby hands.
I watch how she interacts with the world so completely, how she believes everything is speaking to her, playing with her. The wind, the leaves, the ants, the people... in her world all exist for her alone. And she doesn't take them for granted. She takes in all and gives of herself completely.
It's so wonderful to be able to put down your adult glasses which make you see everything cynically and take in the world with all the awe and innocence a little child does.
Makes you stop and take note what a wonderful and beautiful planet it is that we live and love on.


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