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Me Too

October 11, 2018,

Me Too

That evening
This morning
Decades ago
Just now
-Still fresh-
At home
At School
At Work
In Sick
Stuck in traffic
Out partying
Out for a walk
On my own
In an empty parking lot
In a mall
In broad daylight
At the holiest of places
Leered by least expected of faces
In the cradle
On my death bed
On the first night
And the following nights
After fights
In my favourite pair of jeans
Draped head to toe
By friends
By foes
By every single one given an opportunity
To stalk
To stroke
To grope
To gape
If given time, rape
and break and
Make me feel unsafe
In every space I inhabit so
Every moment I tread
I dread
It’s going to be
Me Too.


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