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Shall I tell you the secret of everlasting peace that never leaves your side? It took me some time but I've almost arrived at the secret formula.

What is it?

May 30, 2017,

It's knowing that life is going to keep hurling (not giving) lemons at you. Not just you, but every single person who lives on this beautiful blue planet. And these lemons are not all the same size. Some are big. Some are little but sour. Some are yellow and many. One thing remains constant though, every one us has been pelted by these lemons at some point in our lives. Some of us make lemonade, some pickle these lemons to take out after years and savour, some juggle, some wait till they wilt and rot so they can finally throw it away, and yet others look at others and compare the lemons they got.

The secret to everlasting peace? Knowing that 'good times' are not going to be a constant. Accepting that problems can embrace you at any point will liberate you. Life is not sentimental. It will not care whether you just got married or that you really want a child or that you worked very hard for that one thing. It will hand out problems and each one of us is going to receive our share. We just have to suck it up and accept it. Where you can make a difference is how you respond to the lemon pelting. Do you scream and cry and make a ruckus? Do you shield your loved ones from being hit? Do you gracefully stretch out an umbrella (made from the peels of lemons thrown at you in the past)? What do you?

Store these lemons in the deepest corner of your heart. Don't let them turn you sour. Instead let them preserve the goodness that lies inside. Let them not dim your optimism and thirst for life. Let them teach you empathy when you see someone else on the receiving end of life's lemony darts. Let them spur you to take actions that make positive changes in you and your environment.


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