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July 24, 2017,

I was 13 yrs old and just about to start 7th grade when I got my first pair of spectacles. I remember being super thrilled because I thought it made me look cool. (it didn't)
Within no time I had moved from liking it to despising it. The hormones had taken over and I wanted to look cute and it definitely didn't help that along with desi girlstache™ I now had nerdy glasses. I was awkwardness personified.

But you get used to it eventually. My specs are the last thing I touch before I sleep and the first thing I reach out for once I wake up. I carry an extra pair in my handbag just in case I break the ones I am using. Even my sunshades are powered!

I do wear contacts occasionally, but nothing is as comfortable as a good ol' pair of glasses. Over the last decade I have tried almost all types of specs. From frameless to half rim to grandma style to hipster glasses. A good chunk of my life has gone into deciding which frame to choose (and eventually choosing the wrong one).

I'd pay to have someone choose a frame that frames (hehe) my face well. Really, this little thing can dramatically alter how you appear. You can look suave or like you just stepped right out the 80s. There's no middle ground. So someone start a spectaconsultancy already!

At the end of the day though your specs become an extension of your body. I am sure other specs wearers understand. Who else can empathize with the few seconds of pure panic as you try to blindly locate your specs by groping around?


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