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Three years of marriage

August 1, 2018,

Of getting on each other's nerves
Of fighting over the silliest of things
Of going to bed angry and waking up to say sorry
Of fights, oh so many fights
Of make up hugs
Of tears.
Of badly made food which gradually improved
Of finishing each other's left overs
Of tagging each other on silly memes.
Of the lamest bets
Of inside jokes that won't make sense to anyone else
Of take out food from the same ol' place
Of just knowing what the other person is thinking
Of sticking with each other through tough times
Of pushing each other to our best

Three years of love.
Three years of laughter.
Three years of warm companionship that, even after the worst of fights, makes you keenly look forward to the next day, next year, next decade.
Now joined by a tiny Z who's made the ride even more fun. Oh what a ride it's gonna be!

Alhamdulillah ya rabb


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