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To Madina.

January 4, 2019,

One of the hardest things about growing up is leaving your parents to live somewhere else. It wasn't easy when i was 18 and in college and not easy 8 yrs later with a fresh baby in my arms. Nothing compares to the warmth and security one is enveloped in when in the presence of their parents. So two months back when they planned to visit us here in Saudi, i was over the moon. I just couldn't wait. By the time December rolled in i felt like i would burst, counting down each day. Le husband was equally excited and joined me as we began sprucing up our home to welcome our parents for the first time. There's something special about hosting your parents in your home. Makes you feel particularly grown up. I was a bit worried because my parents are amazing hosts and i wanted to offer them the best. i began meal planning in frenzy and stocked up on foods they liked. All went for a toss when the night before their arrival z caught on to our excitement and decided to stay up. Z awake means a hyper Z rolling around the bed laughing and blowing air. Which means no sleep for us. We went to pick them up from the airport at 3 am and was still awake. I don't think i will ever tire of the heart brimming happiness that takes over when you greet your loved ones after a long separation. Despite my best efforts I teared up as i saw them walking out of the gate. My parents felt double the excitement as they got to meet their little Z too along with me. Dad that's my dad always has to get something to drink or eat at the airport he lands in too. So got some coffee (at 4 am) and were on our way home. We got some shut eye for a few hours in which time my plans to wow them with a appam egg roast breakfast went out the window. I settled for a humble upma which my dad praised profusely because that's what dads do when their daughter cooks for them. Seriously guys, everyone needs a dad who praises even a simple tea that you make for them. (Or it could just mean i am so lazy they are grateful for even the smallest thing I do for them) We had lunch with a friend of dad (he has friends everywhere!) and dinner was at my in laws place who threw a party for my parents. Early next morning we hit the road to Madina. To be continued.


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