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January 26, 2019,

One thing I look forward to during each visit to a new place is the local cuisine. It can be a bit tricky sometimes because halal options aren't always available and I don't eat most fish. Ugandan food so far hasn't been a problem. Their food is simple, both to make and on the stomach too. There's a lot of beans and plaintain and starch. Minimal spices involved (which the hard core Desi me is willing to overlook because over all it's a wholesome meal)

I'll share here two of the main dishes made by Ugandans. The first is matoke, which is a dish made out of Matoke bananas. These thick green bananas are found commonly in Uganda. A visit to the local market will show you entire sections of these bright green bananas.

Matoke is made by steaming its unripe namesake till they are mushy. It's traditionally eaten with groundnut sauce. Chef Lawrence explains more of the dish in the video.

The second dish is called Posho. Posho is like north india's "daal chawal" or a malayalees simple "kanjiyum chammandiyum". Posho is made by adding hot water to coarse corn flour and cooking till it reaches a dough like consistency. It's eaten with beans in Uganda. I'm told in Kenya it's called Ugali and is eaten with sauteed kale.

Our cook Esther made Posho and beans for us, slightly spiced up because duh indians. I loved it!


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