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What you have in this moment is a MASSIVE blessing

June 7, 2017,

If there's one thing you must remember about life it's that its unstable. It doesn't give two hoots about what you are, what colour your skin is, how much money there's in your account, or how many degrees there are with your name on it.

You might be residing in a prosperous neighborhood in a 1st world country but there's nothing to protect you from the fury of a hurricane or the upheaval of the earth under your feet during an earthquake.

You might be in a stable land with food in your fridge and a roof over your head but a changed law can plunge you into hunger and despair overnight.

Your wealth and assets can come to nothing in one second through a wrong investment or a government deciding they can seize it at their whim.

Your own people can turn against you in the land you were born and brought up in. And you can be forced to become a refugee in a climate where instead of helping up someone who's down, people kick them in the stomach. You can be made to flee, leaving everything you called your own behind.

A mere change in financial trends can render your degrees meaningless. Years of your intellectual labor can become redundant with something falling apart or something else coming in its place.

What you have in this moment is a MASSIVE blessing. One which may not always be there. What works for you today may be the cause of your woes tomorrow so never take pride in things transitory. Don't place your worth on currency or passports. They are worth only what value we assign to them. They could very well be worth absolutely nothing tomorrow.

Instead, work on who you are and what you can offer to those around you. This can never be taken away from you no matter where you are and under what circumstances. Work on your worth. Make yourself matter.


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