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June 23, 2017,

Ethiopian airlines is the worst, most inept airline I have ever had the misfortune of flying with. My husband and I had booked the 6:45pm Ethiopian Airlines flight from Riyadh to Addis Ababa and further to Entebbe on 22nd June. We arrived at 3pm, did check in, obtained the boarding pass and reached the designated boarding gate by 5pm yesterday. The flight was indefinitely delayed and we waited 20+hrs at the boarding gate without any clear information from the Airlines staff. No communication from the staff here, no apologies, no alternative arrangements, no food coupons issued (some of the passenger had been stranded here for the last two days and hadn't eaten anything in that time), no accommodation was made available for most of the waiting passengers. People had to sleep on any space on the floor. Even cattle are treated better than this.

We were not being given refunds because apparently the flight's not been cancelled, only 'delayed'. They kept telling us that the flight will come after three hours and it never came till one day later. The worst part is that three Saudi nationals were refunded their tickets immediately, while we watched in despair.

Shame on you Ethiopian airlines for looting people by overbooking your flights / abrupt cancellations and not giving us the service we paid for. Your tall claim about customer services turned out be a big lie. And this lie resulted in stranded mothers with hungry crying babies and toddlers, tired travelers who haven't slept a wink in the last two days, and people who missed out important family functions just because of this utter mismanagement.

I can't even explain how upsetting and humiliating this whole ordeal has been. To make it worse, when people started asking for alternatives and demanded to be answered your staff called armed security guards to scare us.

I understand that the real reason you are doing this kind of harassment is because most of the passengers on this flight belong to lower income groups, so you don't care a bit about what happens to them, whether they starve or lose sleep. You just care about the money they spent on your tickets.

If you do care about your customers, do something to make it right. Till now we haven't received an official apology or even remark about what happened. I want an apology and acknowledgement of what happened. Till you address this I am not going to let it rest.

Readers, I'd appreciate it if you can share this post as widely as possible. For too long such airlines have been harassing and humiliating passengers like us. They are willing to take our money but when it comes to delivering their services it's as though they are doing some charity for us. We can't let them get away with this.

#EthiopianAirlinesScam #EthiopianAirlinesApologize

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