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You aren’t alone in these choppy waters.

March 25, 2018,

Some days can be more overwhelming than others. Especially when you are bang in the middle of adulting. There’s bills to pay and chores to do and deadlines to meet. As if that’s not enough there’s also the intricate web of relationships that you need to carefully maintain.
It. Gets. Tiring.
But so many of us don’t know what the person on the other side of the screen is going through.
What I put on social media is often the best part of myself. The most beautiful selfie of all the ones I took. The best pictures from the once in a year trip home. The highlights of the relationship with my husband...
What you don’t see are the days filled with drudge, the pigmented face that acne likes playing hide and seek with, the mornings when your bones feel like they could break just by getting out of bed, the ugly fights with le husband (unspoken truth: the best of marriages also have ugly fights). But just because I don’t put it up doesn’t mean these moments don’t exist. They are as real as all the good times in my life.
We all have them. You aren’t alone in these choppy waters.
I just want to share with you one small but significant thing that makes the sailing easier for me: a short dua. It’s part of the morning adkhar: Hasbiallahu la ilaaha illa huwa alaihi tawakkalthu wa huwa rabbul arsh il adheem. (Allah is sufficient for me. There is none worthy of worship but Him. I have placed my trust in Him and He is the Lord of the majestic throne)
This dua has been a guiding light for me. It’s done miracles for me. It’s made the most stressful days of my life manageable. It’s helped me get through many many tough days.
I am not lying, each day I have made this dua, that day has been a good day for me. Not that nothing bad happens, but I can feel how much heartbreak and evil I have been protected from by virtue of it.
Embrace this dua with completely faith and sincerity and watch it do wonders in your life! Internalize the message: God is in absolute control, trust that and let go of every negative chain pulling you back.
PS: here’s a completely oddly dressed, sleepy picture of me. Just because.


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